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I don’t think I can do any of these.

I’m gonna have so many abs

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How to do the Sun Salutation Sequence
Discover the many benefits of this morning exercise:www.worldlifestyle.com/infographic/how-do-sun-salutation-sequence


How to do the Sun Salutation Sequence

Discover the many benefits of this morning exercise:

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"There are many routes to healthy weight loss and fitness; don’t allow anyone to make you believe their way is the only way. Do what works for you."

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Just do it!


Just do it!

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Back into my healthy lifestyle!

I am still working on it, but I can finally work going to the gym into my schedule. I’ve been every day this week, and I feel so sore but amazing. I’m super excited and motivated to get in great shape! 

"Stop thinking about losing body fat.
Focus on your performance instead.

It sounds counterintuitive, but this is important.

When you’re in the gym your main concern should not be burning fat and calories. Your sole focus should be improving your performance. Getting stronger. Doing just a little better than last time. Not only is this more positive (focusing on getting stronger instead of thinking “I need to look better”) and enjoyable, but it’ll also allow you to reap the physique changes you desire along the way. Focus on goals like deadlifting one and a half times, or double, your bodyweight, performing several chin-ups, pressing and pulling progressively heavier dumbbells, running more hill sprints, etc. Put the focus on what your body can do, and strive to get stronger, gradually. Do this and fat loss becomes a side effect."

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